About the Author

My name is Joel Alexander and I have a passion for all things entertainment. I take pride in keeping my finger on the pulse of the popular films of today, the current trends in music, or general pop culture news. The entertainment landscape is an ever-changing place that can come across as confusing or sudden at times due to the seemingly random manner that trends come and go. This blog, for the time being, will be dedicated to these fluctuations, their significance and why they happen. Entertainment media and art of all types are massively influential to the general public, and the story I will tell involves the behind-the-scenes explanations behind this media and why trends increase and decrease.

I am in my senior year as a Communications Major at George Mason University. Currently I am working at The Anthem in Washington, DC, Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia and serve as a ClubGlow promoter. When I’m not working you can find me at concerts, watching movies, visiting local restaurants for the best food experiences, and gushing over every animal I meet.

Thanks for visiting my site. Stay in Touch.

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