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  • Theater Placement in 2023 America

    Theater Placement in 2023 America

    Local Theaters Energized by Residents and Restaurants Just as the urban planning of shopping malls and housing developments have changed over the years, so has the location of modern movie theaters. When going to any successful movie theater in the post-Covid moviegoing age, the theater is far from the only thing to do in the…

  • The Decline of the MCU

    The Decline of the MCU

    Marvel Studios alienates their audience The year is 2019. In the month of April, all of pop culture entertainment was talking about one thing: the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. The previous year, the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War rocked the world of big-budget filmmaking, with a scale unmatched by any previous superhero films and creative decisions…

  • Post-Covid Moviegoing

    Post-Covid Moviegoing

    The landscape has changed, but is it all the pandemic’s fault? Ever since streaming services started to take over the landscape of film and television consumption for the casual watcher, the discussion around the movie theater experience has shifted drastically. For some, they have started to realize how convenient it is for a streaming service…

  • Oscar’s Popularity Contest

    Oscar’s Popularity Contest

    Is it quality or quantity that defines a Best Picture winner? Can it be both? Every year since the late 1920s, the Academy Awards (or Oscars, as they are more commonly referred to) have honored the best and most acclaimed films of the previous year. The ceremony is supposed to serve as a celebration of…

  • In Photos: Choosing Your Movie Seat. No Cash. No People.

    In Photos: Choosing Your Movie Seat. No Cash. No People.

    Buying a movie ticket can be a solitary experience.

  • Disney Remaking Disney

    Disney Remaking Disney

    Reviews are down but revenue is up as the Hollywood giant is transforming their classic animated films into live action. When going to a theater or a popular streaming service, what kind of movies do you see prominently displayed? What are the most popular releases of the moment? Chances are, the answer is going to…

  • Barbie vs Oppenheimer

    Barbie vs Oppenheimer

    Two anticipated movie events will go head to head at the box office. This summer, two of the biggest and most acclaimed directors in Hollywood are releasing some of the most highly anticipated films of the past couple years. Both films have massive budgets, all-star casts, and are expecting flocks of people to see the…

  • About the Author

    About the Author

    My name is Joel Alexander and I have a passion for all things entertainment. I take pride in keeping my finger on the pulse of the popular films of today, the current trends in music, or general pop culture news. The entertainment landscape is an ever-changing place that can come across as confusing or sudden…

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